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  • SBMLToolbox 3.1.2

    SBMLtoolbox is built on top of libSBML and provides a set of basic functions allowing SBML models to be used in matlab. SBMLtoolbox provides functions for reading, writing, and validating SBML models; viewing model
  • Gait-CAD 1.6

    Yet another matlab toolbox to help you with your work. Yet another matlab toolbox to help you with your work. Gait-CAD is a handy matlab toolbox designed to assist you with the visualization and analysis of time
  • Euler Math Toolbox 13.6

    With exclusive Euler math toolbox, you can get both numerical and symbolic tools. It lets you experience with ease mathematical computations as well as numerical, and symbolic. You can export its displayed results to
  • matlab let -

    Lyapunov Exponents toolbox (LET) provides a graphical user interface for users to determine the full sets of Lyapunov exponents and Lyapunov dimension of continuous and discrete chaotic systems. This toolbox can only
  • MIMO Toolbox -

    The MIMO toolbox is a collection of matlab functions and a GUI. Its purpose is to complement the Control toolbox for matlab with functions capable of handling the multivariable input-output scheme.The MIMO toolbox was
  • EzyFit 2.30

    The Ezyfit toolbox for matlab enables you to perform simple Curve Fitting of one-dimensional data using arbitrary (non linear) fitting functions. EzyFit adds a new menu to your figure windows, which allows you to easily
  • Hartmath 0.7 Pre 19

    symbolic math Java applet. Features: big number arithmetic; symbolic and numeric evaluation; programming language constructs;plot
  • NeuroSolutions for MATLAB 2.00

    The neural network toolbox that is matlab NeuroSolutions enables users to influence the power of NeuroSolutions inside matlab and Simulink. It includes 15 neural models as well as 5 learning algorithms and a host of
  • Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox -

    Robust Particle Swarm toolbox implementing Trelea, Common, and Clerc types along with an ALPHA version of change detection. This toolbox is designed for researchers in Computational Intelligence as well as application
  • Math ScriptConsole 1.0

    math ScriptConsole (MSC) lets you do mathematical calculations using scripts and commands in a console-based multiple-window interface. You can either run single commands interactively or run a Batch of commands from a
  • Crystal Math 0.5.7

    Crystal math is a powerful math app, that is still in the process of being developed. Not to say that it doesn't already contain many really cool features such as is. Basically you can use it for most simple math
  • Calc++ 2.3

    calc++ is a very simple interpreter for my math parsing Library (libmath++) The main idea was to design a simple but powerfull way to do my physics works in less time. If you are looking for something with integrals,
  • MATLAB for Bioinformatics -

    This webinar was recorded on November 20, 2003. Bioinformatics researchers and developers worldwide rely on matlab to accelerate scientific discovery and reduce development time. Developers in bioinformatics value the
  • Agilent Waveform Download Assistant 1.7

    The handy software Agilent Waveform download Assistant is capable of downloading a series of matlab functions as matlab files. You can download files in your desire directory while the help file is included as
  • SigViewer 0.4.2

    BioSig for Octave and matlab is a software Library for biomedical signal processing. Many dataformats are supported and the toolbox provides a unique interface to read many formats. Writing of several common file
  • Mathematica Symbolic Toolbox for MATLAB 2.0

    matlab a representative tool that provides users with all of the figurative and high-precision numeric qualities of mathematical. It uses the mathLink contact standard supplied with mathematic and the MEX facility
  • Symbolic Tools 1.1.6

    symbolic Tools has the ability to augment the numeric and graphical capabilities of GAUSS with additional types of mathematical functionality based on symbolic computations. These include: symbolic Algebra, Linear
  • Motion Detection with Image Acquisition Toolbox -

    This demo is an example of using the Image Acqisition toolbox from within Simulink. The Image Acquisition toolbox is called via a matlab Function block to return a Frame of data. The Signal Processing Blockset is used
  • MATLAB Petri Net Toolbox -

    The Hybrid Petri Net toolbox is the sofware used under matlab 6.5(R13) to analyze hybrid system
  • Franklin Math 0.11

    Franklin math is a computer algebra system (CAS) written in Java that supports both numeric and symbolic arithmatic and other
  • Robotran 1.7

    Multibody modeling at UCL-CEREM is entirely based on matlab/Simulink. In this user-friendly environment, your simulations will be also very efficient (real-time simulation) and portable (easy interface with control,
  • Probabilistic Model Toolkit -

    The HP Probabilistic Model toolbox (PMT) for matlab contains a set of matlab & C functions one can use to build basic Static & dynamic probabilistic models. Current PMT provides support for the following probabilistic
  • Rubix Cube -

    This interactive game allows you to manipulate and view the rubik's cube in 3D with the click of your mouse. If you get stuck, just click to watch the cube solve itself. Or, just "rearrange the Stickers" and start
  • IPEM 1.02 beta

    The IPEM toolbox consists of a set of matlab functions for musical auditory modeling which will allow users to incorporate these tools into their own research. The IPEM toolbox is useful to researchers interested in
  • A-star Search Algorithm -

    matlab/C++ mixed implementation for Astar search Algorithm Usage: 1. Extract the zip file 2. Type "Mex Astar.cpp" in matlab Command Window to generate Astar.dll (you must choose to have such ability when installing
  • Using S-Parameters in MATLAB & Simulink -

    A sequence of examples is provided that demonstrate how S-parameter measurements can be made and utilized to design a radio Frequency amplifier. An HP (Now Agilent) 8505A system controlled by matlab is used to
  • Math Squares

    Help a child Improve their math skills. Memorize the math Alphabet. "If the adult and child persist in practicing memorizing the math Alphabet, the child will do well in math in elementary school. Be patient, have fun,
  • Math Games, Math Puzzles. 10

    math Games, math Puzzles, and math math Games, math Puzzles, and mathematical Recreations. Puzzles and math brain teasers online, dynamic and interactive. Check out our new math Puzzle Library! We have interactive
  • Mann-Kendall Tau-b with Sens Method (enhanced) -

    The Mann-Kendall Tau-b non-Parametric function computes a coefficient representing strength and direction of a trend for equally spaced data. While you do not need the Statistics toolbox to compute Taub, you do need it
  • Math Teachers and kids 10

    Teachers and kids Teachers and kids: We can now bring you more free math games and puzzles because of our new advertising! By using this site, you agree to NOT block our ads. math Game. Take a break and have some fun